Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Ngamba Island is a chimpanzee sanctuary island which was established in 1998 as a home to the orphaned chimpanzees which were rescued by the Uganda Wildlife Authority from smugglers and poachers.

Ngamba island chimpanzee sanctuary - chimpanzees in Uganda

It’s a home of over 49 chimpanzees which were rescued throughout Uganda and accommodated on island with peaceful waters. It supports a rich diversity of Natural wildlife and provides a variety of natural food for the chimpanzee.
Ngamba Island is approximately 40 hectors of a rainforest and its 23km using a boat away from Entebbe town.

Activities carried out on the Island.

» This amazing island will give you a view of chimpanzee feeding and how they roam in an electric fence, get a sight of lizards, birds and photographic opportunities.

» You can also book a sunset cruise on the waters to view the reflection of sunset on the waters, wind the day with a golden circular site of nature going to sleep.

» A visit to the fishing villages lets you learn a lot from the community and gets you an opportunity to hook a Nile perch one of the world’s largest fresh water fish.

» Ngamba trail takes you to the forests to learn about rich eco system and abundant life in Ngamba rain-forest, get an opportunity to learn about the chimpanzees that is to say; how they spend their day, what they eat and hunt, sight 120 bird species, natural caves in the forest, spider species, plants and trees. You will be led by an experienced staff and have a glimpse of chimpanzees.

» Have an experience to give care to the chimpanzees, feed them and learn how to prepare for them food, go for medical checkups’ research and monitor the chimpanzees. You won’t do this alone but with the help of an experienced staff.

» So much to involve in at the island like cleaning cages of the chimps, typing chimpanzee dairies, selling in the island shops and collecting data. By involving the Tourist in these programs the island aims at helping the visitors understand how it takes to look after orphaned chimpanzees.

The island facilities both day trips and night trips which provide an opportunity to closely observe and interact with these amazing apes. Speed boats dock in Entebbe about 45 – 50 minutes, if you can travel by traditional motorized canoe it takes about 90 minutes to reach the island. You can organise your trip to the island with a tour company.

Accommodation at Ngamba Island

The Ngamba island tented camp accommodates visitors who stay for long at the island and would enjoy a luxury life. These styled tents overlook the lake, in with twin beds, suite bathroom and solar lights. The island tented camp is located far away from the city noise.

The rooms have fitted wardrobes which one can hang their cloths, beautiful wooden floor nicely decorated and perfectly clean showers with hot water.

There is a covered dining area besides the lake serving both local and international cuisines, a buffet breakfast with shared kitchen facilities and an onsite bar that serves alcohol and soft drinks.

Spa offers a wide range of treatment for the visitors and there is also a 24-hour security service, concierge who is in charge of the guests, storage room safety, and deposit boxes

Safari trips to Ngamba Island